Support for your MSK Health Issues

Support should be available for individuals who are experiencing musculoskeletal ill-health at work through:

  • Early action if a MSK problem that affects everyday activities including work
  • Open conversations
  • Early access to professional support – Occupational Health, ergonomics, physiotherapy and follow the advice
  • Adjustments in the workplace – often simple
  • Support tailored by joining up employee, healthcare team and line manager

Key actions to support you if you are experiencing musculoskeletal ill-health at work

  • Act early if you experience pain or symptoms that affects your everyday activities including work
  • Know how to speak up, report problems, and access help
  • Know what to ask your employer, manager or healthcare professional
  • Know where to access help and support
  • Work together with employers, managers and healthcare professionals to find and implement solutions to enable you to remain in work

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