Employer Assessment

Find out why MSK health is important to you as an employer

How is the MSK health of your organisation?

Understanding MSK needs

As an employer, you have a legal duty to provide safe and healthy workplace. To provide the right support to your workers that meet and build on your legal duties, you must know the MSK needs of your workplace and understand the challenges for your workforce.

You need to know:

The MSK problems of your workforce: sickness records, staff surveys and appraisals

The characteristics of the work: employee tasks with risks to MSK health, physical and mental demands of tasks, variations in workload, length of working day, shift patterns, breaks, work settings.

The characteristics of your workforce: age spectrum, experience, gender, fitness, mixture of skills and expertise, retention, staff shortages.

Now see how you can support MSK health in your workplace.

If you would like a more detailed assessment of your MSK needs, please contact info@mskaware.org