Promote Your MSK Health

Looking after MSK health at home and at work means following a bone and joint healthy lifestyle.

Stay physically active to remain fit

Maintain an ideal weight

Eat a balanced diet with calcium and fish oils

Avoid smoking and excess alcohol

Reduce stress

This is also good for our general health

Be active

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines 2019

There are many ways to increase physical activity

Key actions to look after your MSK health at home & at work

  • Do what you can to look after your MSK health by committing to a healthy lifestyle in and out of the workplace.
  • Have a personal plan, set goals and take action.

How to improve your lifestyle

Step 1

Decide what you want to target (weight, exercise, smoking, alcohol)

Step 2

Make a commitment and decide how you will reward yourself if you achieve it

Step 3

Set goals – something specific that you can measure, that you think is achievable, and will make you healthier.  Set a time to achieve it

Step 4

Get started!


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